About Gran Fonduro

A sportive-style event, on and off the tarmac, touring the Tweed Valley Forest Park area, with timed stages (like a series of time trials) on forest roads, natural trails and foot paths, and connected by classic Borders back roads. Featuring stages with ups, downs, and everything inbetween, Gran Fonduro will take you to places you have never been before…

The event is suitable for CX or gravel bikes, but lightweight cross country mountain bikes will also do well. (The course could also work for some hybrids.) Each type of bike may have its own advantages.

The event is a friendly but adventurous day out. A cycling ‘voyage of discovery’ into some seldom-visited corners of the Tweed Valley area. Fun, self-reliance, endurance and adventure are the key themes. Despite its light hearted style, the event will be a fairly big day out on the bike. Distance will be approx. 80-90km, with a healthy chunk of climbing. Full course details nearer the time.